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Robotic Process Automation


Enabling RPA is a necessity in today’s business world as it not only transforms and contours your enterprise economically, but also elevates business process with a flexible environment that provides tailored responses to the specific requirements. Only a great mind can foresee the future and fabricate their business, and the constant aspect in that future is undoubtedly the Robotic Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)’ is the application of software to carry out operations that have been previously accomplished by humans. The technology can capture and interpret existing applications in order to process transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems, a method  of using automation and technology to perform a process or a part of the process in any existing business applications.

Domains Covered


The financial sector commission RPA in their process to tune themselves in entering the digitization era. RPA acts as a mechanical colleague in the BFSI sector with the capacity to work at least 10 x times faster with excellent accuracy. It’s an intelligent virtual workforce that transforms the existing system into a digitally mature setup which can aggravate the rate of work done in financial institutions. RPA subtly fuses into the financial sector and helps in scaling costs by triggering swift task management. RPA also reduces or eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks which are innate in a financial enterprise.


Manufacturing Industry has already seen the skill power of physical robots in their hard labor demanding process such as assemblage, test, and package of their products. Even though the production unit was taken over by these physical Robots, the back office operation still struggles to maintain the required potential to bring effectiveness in their process. Manufacturers are having a hard time in managing process that comes under customer communication, procurement, inventory management, and payment processing. In addition to this, manufacturers struggle to keep up with ever-changing regulations and compliance.  It is at this point where the industry needed innovative ideas to continue its operations and focus on cost reduction. KGiSL backed RPA will come in handy for the manufacturers as it provides agile streamlined operations with a distinct reduction in cost.


The supply chain industry is one of the most competitive industries that includes a lot of processes which demands a meticulous approach in handling them. RPA is one such powerful tool which can generate accurate results in less time with minimal human involvement. The logistics industry needs to keep their customers satisfied by effectively keeping control of their back-office operations. KGiSL helps the companies under the supply chain domain to find that perfect balance in transforming most of their back-office operations automated with the help of Robotic Process Automation.


A vast industry like ITeS could make use of all the support it needs in effectively handling all its processes. The outsourcing industry is all ready to outsource the processes that are repetitive, time-consuming and monotonous to the potential force of RPA. With the embrace of RPA, the industry could easily gear up the number of clients they have, take up double the work and provide an accurate release of results. Data manipulation, message generation, UI manipulation, text mining, report generation, workflow monitoring are some of the major applications of RPA in ITeS. The RPA practice from KGiSL lightens the process difficulty of the industry in keeping up with the growing market expectations.

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Benefits of our RPA service

Robotic Process Automation has the potential to offer high value in terms of inorganic reduction in costs and improvement in productivity for organizations under various domain. The benefits offered by RPA are therefore innumerable.


RPA could deliver improved Accuracy, Complete Data Capture, Efficiency & Quality output

RPA Checklist

The suitable process that has to be adopted for RPA can be recognized using this checklist.


The Robotic Process Workflow

Recruiting RPA to your process is not a herculean task as it requires only a few steps to get it started.
The proper employment of these steps can move your business in the right direction.
These steps involves:


RPA offerings from KGiSL

  • Consulting on RPA
  • PROBOT (Projects Management)
  • Botshoppe (Onshore Talent Engagements)
  • Bot Farming (Offshoring/BPO Model)
  • Profiling Services
  • New Age Bundle
  • Integration with Bots