Automated test result reporting
to manage infection control

COVID-19 Challenge

Current infection control processes are quite outdated.

In hospitals/labs where COVID-19 test work is done, results must be logged to infection control authorities. The processes followed by infection control departments are outdated. They were created in 2003 during H1N1 and require a clinician to log into the lobotomy system (blood test  system), extract disease codes, then VPN into a .NET data platform and manually enter the results. In a typical week, 1 nurse takes 2 hours to  enter all this info. However, in case of dealing with COVID-19, the test queue is big, and results must be reported daily—and not just on positive cases but on every test, taking 6-8 hours per day.


In about a week, KGiSL helped automate this process. The team automated each step from extracting disease codes to entering the data via VPN into the required .NET platform.


Saves 6-8 hours
a day for clinician
and makes data
available in real time

Keeps critical
workers working


operational efficiency

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