Financial statement analysis

What our customer encountered?

Multiple challenges were faced while manually analyzing financial statements with varied document types and a vast array of data types.

Manual comparison & analysis of
50-500-page documents:

  • Demands significant time investment of 4-12 hours.
  • Susceptible to risks and potential errors.
  • The complexity increases when adhering to accounting rules.
  • Lengthens the overall audit process and results in increased TAT.

The challenges resulted in:

  • Substantial investment of resources, including time and personnel.
  • Delays and inefficiencies in completing tasks.
  • Higher risk of errors that compromises the accuracy of the results.
  • Impacts overall efficiency and productivity.

What our customer needed?

A solution that streamlines financial statement processing which reduces time investment, ensures data accuracy, and improves overall TAT.

The Solution

Introduced – An AI-based intelligent document processor

To automate financial statement processing operations that eliminated manual efforts and the outdated OCR technology.

With its cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms, Marvel easily analyzed information from different financial statements and the advanced NLP algorithms effectively interpreted handwritten texts, images, and machine-generated data types.

What we delivered?


Human-In-The-Loop and template-less processing for quicker document analysis


End-to-end automation at scale


Elimination of repetitive tasks


Custom data repository to improve the accuracy of >95%

Benefits to the customer


Substantial reduction in processing time from 8-12 hours to just 5 minutes.


Real-time visibility into financial data


Quick identification of anomalies in financial statements


Immediate commencement of processing without the need for data scientist assistance.


Releasing human resources for higher-value tasks

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