1. The ANMI technology show
  2. Embracing Digital Transformation Through AI-Powered Automation
  3. The Digital Insurance Conference MENA 2022
  4. Thailand Insurance CIO Forum 2022
  5. Indonesia Rendezvous 2022
  6. An insight into UiPath Process Mining Task Mining
  7. Disrupting Insurance with Intelligent Automation On-demand
  8. Achieve CONTINUOUS QUALITY – On-Demand
  9. Achieve CONTINUOUS QUALITY (CQ) through UiPath Test Suite
  10. Disrupting Insurance with Intelligent Automation
  11. Get more out of your SAP investments!-On-Demand
  12. Get more out of your SAP investments!
  13. Customer Success Webinar series-On-Demand
  14. Customer Success Webinar series
  15. Regulatory Compliance – Responding to Challenges – On-Demand
  16. Regulatory Compliance – Responding to Challenges
  17. The future of finance: New age technology or new skills
  18. The future of finance: New age technology or new skills-On-Demand
  19. Risk mitigation in challenging times using automation & digital technologies-on-Demand
  20. How Hyperautomation is helping Our Customers and Society during the Covid-19 Crisis-on-demand
  21. Strengthening Business Continuity for Challenging Times-on-demand
  22. Your edge, amidst the New Normal – Global Capability Centre-on-demand
  23. Robotic process automation for finance leaders in higher education-on-demand
  24. Helping our customers and society during the Covid-19 crisis
  25. Insurance beyond COVID-19
  26. Your edge, amidst the New Normal – Global Capability Centre
  27. Embracing the ‘New Normal’ in Insurance beyond COVID-19 -on-demand
  28. Risk mitigation in challenging times using automation & digital technologies
  29. Robotic process automation for finance leaders in higher education
  30. Embracing the ‘New Normal’ in Insurance beyond COVID-19
  31. Strengthening Business Continuity for Challenging Times
  33. SAUG National Summit 2019
  34. Perspective
  35. Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2019
  36. Express BFSI Technology Conclave
  37. ANMI Stock tech exhibition
  38. The Asian Banking Forum
  39. Indian Wealth Management Forum 2017
  40. The Asian Banker’s Future of Finance Summit


  1. Transform Your Claims Process: 5x Faster Motor Claims Assessment with AI 
  2. A leading university in US enhanced its cybersecurity against phishing attacks without additional infra investment
  3. Securing the future of an NBFC by transforming cybersecurity
  4. NSURE’s rapid claims resolution accelerating customer satisfaction
  5. Enhancing end customer satisfaction through quicker claims settlement for a leading insurance company. 
  6. AI-Powered HR assistant elevates talent management and employee engagement 
  7. Revolutionizing customer service with AI-powered L1-support 
  8. Smart AI-powered interactions supercharge insurance sales and business growth
  9. Cutting-edge AI technology for highly accurate medical insurance fraud detection
  10. Automating loan origination pre-process for a leading financial institution
  11. Dolphin reshapes back-office dynamics for a top-tier US investment & asset management firm
  12. Dolphin suite on SaaS transforms risk management for a leading British Universal Bank
  13. Automated trade certificates processing using
  14. Revolutionizing document form processing with enhanced accuracy and efficiency 
  15. A global loyalty and benefits company achieving project success with KGiSL ODC services.
  16. Empowering a global electronics corporation with technology and operational transformation
  17. Elevating customer experience at scale using Conversational AI
  18. Automated anomaly detection in health claims data using
  19. Streamlining risk assessments in underwriting using
  20. Fast track claims settlements using
  21. Mandatory UAE unemployment insurance scheme portal
  22. Upsell and Cross-sell
  23. Quick Customer Profile Update
  24. Claims processing
  25. Automated underwriting
  26. Medical report analysis
  27. KYC Onboarding
  28. Customer behavior analysis
  29. Accident reports
  30. Financial statement analysis
  31. Bank Statement Analysis
  32. Accelerated customer onboarding
  33. Outward remittance
  34. Bank guarantee vetting
  35. How a world class life solved the impact of not having a productive agency system?
  36. How A Leading Insurer Elevated Customer Experience & Increased ROI Through Digital Engagement Customer Portal
  37. How insurers can do more to delight their customers and also save on costs?
  38. How a leading Takaful Company addressed
  39. Chatbots help insurers to eliminate paper based and time consuming process
  40. Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction using Conversational AI bots
  41. Securities services get a robot-speed boost 
  42. Digital bots help life insurer reduce onboarding application processing TAT by 50%
  43. Fraud Detection
  44. Invoice Processing using ML
  45. Business from motor Third Party Claimants
  46. Insurance Customer Payment Reconciliation
  47. Point of Sale System
  48. End to End Automation – General Insurance Solutions
  49. Insurance Point of Sale
  50. Claims Management
  51. Intelligent Automation using OCR for OEM invoice processing
  52. Automation of defect reporting helped in quicker replacements
  53. Automation of PR & PO process for Reimbursement Transaction
  54. Special Mentioned Accounts
  55. Claim Reconciliation (ONUS Claims)
  56. CRILC verification – current A/C opening
  57. Verification of Loan Applications Documents
  58. Speedy claims processing for small commercial business
  59. Automation reduces time for acknowledging complaints
  60. Resume financial processes amid reduced workforce
  61. Enable procurement to manage the influx of medical supply orders
  62. Healthcare provider saves 138,000 hours in their RCM business
  63. Fielding a spike in insurance claims
  64. Processing trade transactions in a volatile market
  65. Process opportunities when few are flying
  66. Processing a 10x increase in sanitizer orders
  67. Automated claims decision for business interruption
  68. Handling endorsement / exclusion / condition in event occurrence
  69. Automated payment for workers compensation
  70. Death claims payout for life insurance
  71. Handling investigation and fraudulent activities
  72. Claims payout for personal accident insurance
  73. Processing disability benefit claims
  74. Customer servicing through virtual channels
  75. Processing of hardship withdrawals
  76. Automated test result reporting to manage infection control
  77. Accelerating C-19 testing, while reducing wait time
  78. Bot compiles a daily report on COVID-19 updates
  79. Email monitoring & detection for COVID-19 suspects
  80. Chest X-ray solution for COVID 19
  81. Data consolidation bot for governments authorities
  82. Health screening bot
  83. Call volume increase at a travel insurance company
  84. Maintain speedy communication with concerned customers
  85. Fielding a spike in insurance claims
  86. Improving contact center efficiencies for a hard-hit airline
  87. Processing of financial assistance requests in lending
  88. Loans portfolio monitoring based on early warning indicators
  89. Handling complaints of transactions to fraudulent accounts
  90. Handling inbound SMB applications for CARES Act
  91. Automated reconciliation and reversal of waivers
  92. Automation enhances customer service through virtual channels during Covid-19
  93. Appointment provisioning for branch visits
  94. Handling increased volume of client trade bookings
  95. Processing spikes in trade allocations
  96. Market volatility increasing risk across operations
  97. Staff Augmentation
  98. Custom Projects
  99. Help Desk
  100. Centre of Excellence (CoE) Support & Maintenance

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